about me

About me

I’ve been building websites, designing graphics, creating spreadsheets, and generally making things since I was 18. 

I won’t tell you how old I am now, but I will tell you that I have over a decade of experience either creating small businesses or helping them.

I’m a maker and a problem solver. I love poking things to see what happens- it’s how I’ve learned what to do and (more importantly, one might argue) what not to do.

I might always have been creatively inclined, but that inclination was always tempered by what seemed to be an opposite trait: an attraction to technical projects.

For years I struggled because I focused on one trait the other, but I was unable to marry the two in a way that made sense.

J-CAT Consulting is my way of melding both of my talents: both the creative + the technical.

My goal is to help you at those aspects of your business that do not excite you… but excite me. Learn how we can work together below!


I’m a big reader. at my peak, I read over 100 books in a year.


I knit + crochet, it’s one of my favorite hobbies.


I have a thriving community of greenery that I consider to be my own personal jungle.


I’ve been a dancer for 27 years + a teacher for 12. yoga is also an important part of my personal movement practice.


my interests are varied: piano, movies, carpentry, interior design, archery, writing, macrame... the list is practically endless.

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the first step for anyone interested in working with me is booking an intro call. fill out the form and I’ll contact you to schedule a time to chat!